While we expect a lot of humans to stop by the FAD website, we are also very friendly towards computers and have set up an application programming interface (API) so they may download a bunch of data. Here is the overview of the API and we are working on additional documentation.


Endpoint Notes Example(s)
/citations No XML/JSON output due to filesize  
/citations/view/[id]/[format] Citation using id
[format]: [HTML], XML, JSON
/citations/view/[fadid] Citation using FADID
[format]: [HTML], XML, JSON
/citations/search/[field]/[term]/[sfield]/[sdir]/[format] Citation search using fielded term
[field|sfield]: title, authors, journals,
analytes, matrices, techniques, keywords
[sdir]: asc, desc
[format]: [HTML], XML, JSON


Endpoint Notes Example
/journals/index/[format] List of journals
[format]: (HTML), XML, JSON
/journals/view/[id]/[format] Journal using id /journals/view/776
/journals/view/[name]/[format] Journal using name /journals/view/talanta


Endpoint Notes Example(s)
/analytes/index/[format] List of analytes
[format]: (HTML), XML, JSON
/analytes/view/[id]/[format] Analyte using id
[format]: (HTML), XML, JSON
/analytes/view/[comp]/[format] Analyte via compound identifer and technique code
[comp]: name, cas#, inchi, inchikey, smiles
[format]: (HTML), XML, JSON