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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Reference Material -> MINTEK -> SARM-7 -> Platinum ore

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"Determination Of Precious Metals In Geological Samples By Continuous Powder Introduction Microwave Induced Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry After Preconcentration On Activated Carbon"
Anal. Chim. Acta 2005 Volume 540, Issue 1 Pages 197-205
K. Jankowski, A. Jackowska and P. Lukasiak

Abstract: A novel method was developed for analyzing geological materials for Au, Ag, Pd and Pt by continuous powder introduction microwave induced plasma atomic emission spectrometry (CPI-MIP-AES). The pre-concentration of the trace metals on activated carbon (AC) was performed before conducting MIP-AES measurements in order to obtain accurate and precise analytical results. The method proposed is based on the selective sorption of precious metals that are subsequently introduced to the plasma as a dry particulate aerosol consisted of analytes collected on the sorbent. The technical design and operating conditions of the novel sample introduction system based on the fluidized-bed concept has been optimized. The microwave excitation source with integrated rectangular cavity TE101 and vertically positioned plasma torch has been used. The signal stability proved to be adequate for sequential mode of measurements due to the vertical plasma configuration as well as the MIP-AES system compatibility with the CPI technique. Calibration was done using home-made standards obtained by sorption of metals of interest from standard solutions on activated carbon. Precision is typically 1-4% relative standard deviation at the 1 µg g-1 level. Under measurement conditions the detection limits for Ag, Au, Pd and Pt were 24, 43, 57 and 550 ng per 1 g of AC, respectively. The proposed procedure was used for Au, Ag, Pd and Pt determination in the platinum ore SARM-7 as well as Au and Ag in the Chinese soil GBW-07405 certified reference materials. The standard addition technique was used and recoveries revealed that the proposed method shows good accuracy and precision.
Gold Silver Palladium Platinum Spectrophotometry Activated carbon Reference material