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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Vegetable -> scallion

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"Study And Application Of Flow Injection Spectrofluorimetry With A Fluorescent Probe Of 2-(2-pyridil)-benzothiazoline For Superoxide Anion Radicals"
Anal. Biochem. 2004 Volume 326, Issue 2 Pages 176-182
Bo Tang, Li Zhang and Li-li Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents an automatic spectrofluorimetric method (flow injection spectrofluorimetry) using a novel fluorescent probe named H. Py. Bzt (2-(2-pyridil)-benzothiazoline) for determining superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. The fluorescent probe was synthesized in house and fully characterized by elemental analysis and by infrared and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. It could specially identify and trap O2-. and was oxidized by O2-. to form a strong fluorescence product. Based on this reaction, the flow injection spectrofluorimetric method was proposed and successfully used to determine SOD activity. The proposed method has a better selectivity in the determination of reactive oxygen species because the probe can be oxidized only by O2-. excluding H2O2. As a kind of simple, rapid, precise, sensitive and automatic technique, it was applied to measurement of SOD activity in scallion, garlic, and onion with satisfactory results.
Enzyme, superoxide dismutase Fluorescence Optimization