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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Reference Material -> NRCC -> SLEW-2 -> Estuarine water

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"Integrated Luminometer For The Determination Of Trace Metals In Seawater Using Fluorescence, Phosphorescence And Chemiluminescence Detection"
J. Autom. Methods Manag. Chem. 2002 Volume 24, Issue 2 Pages 41-47
P J Worsfold, E P Achterberg, A R Bowie, V Cannizzaro, S Charles, J M Costa, F Dubois, R Pereiro, B San Vicente, A Sanz-Medel, R V, eloise, E V, er Donckt, P Wollast, S Yunus

Abstract: The paper describes an integrated luminometer able to perform fluorescence (FL), room temperature phosphorescence (RTP) and chemiluminescence (CL) measurements on seawater samples. The technical details of the instrumentation are presented together with flow injection (FI) manifolds for the determination of cadmium and zinc (by FL), lead (RTP) and cobalt (CL). The analytical figures of merit are given for each manifold and results are presented for the determination of the four trace metals in seawater reference materials (NASS-5, SLEW-2) and Scheldt estuarine water samples.
Cadmium Zinc Lead Cobalt Fluorescence Phosphorescence Chemiluminescence Preconcentration