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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
Phone: 1-904-620-1938
Fax: 1-904-620-3535
Website: @unf

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"Coupled Techniques Based On Liquid Chromatography And Atomic Fluorescence Detection For Arsenic Speciation"
Anal. Chim. Acta 2000 Volume 411, Issue 1-2 Pages 71-79
Marc Vilanó, Antoni Padró and Roser Rubio

Abstract: Arsenic speciation is performed by using coupled techniques with anion and cation exchange columns and atomic fluorescence detection, with UV irradiation and hydride generation as derivatization steps. The coupling design is described. A new software is developed which provides a dynamic range wide enough to allow the quantification of arsenic species at very different concentration levels each in the same sample. Two chromatographic columns were used in separate analyzes, which permits the quantification of six arsenic compounds (arsenate, arsenate, monomethylarsonate (MMA), dimethylarsinate (DMA), arsenocholine (AsChol), arsenobetaine (AsBet)). Instrumental performance is optimized. Detection limits lower than 4 µg L-1 and precision lower than 5% RSD are achieved for all the compounds under study.
Arsenate ion Arsenite monomethylarsonic acid Dimethylarsinic acid Arsenocholine Arsenoβine HPLC Fluorescence Speciation UV reactor Reference material