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Dye bath

Classification: Industrial -> process liquor -> dye bath

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"Determination Of Indigo In Dyebaths By Flow Injection Analysis And Redox Titrations"
AATCC Rev. 2001 Volume 1, Issue 4 Pages 41-45
Judson T. Merritt III, Keith R. Beck, C. Brent Smith, Peter J. Hauser, and Warren J. Jasper

Abstract: Flow injection analysis (FIA) has been developed as a real-time analytical technique for determining individual water-soluble and disperse dye concentrations in batch dyebaths. In this paper, a comparison of FIA and standard titrimetric redox methods for monitoring indigo in continuous dyebaths is reported. Several indigo solvent systems were investigated to determine which was best for FIA determinations. Indigo concentration data from simulated continuous dyebaths were generated by FIA and titration. Titration also generated the bath concentration of sodium hydrosulfite. FIA determination of indigo concentrations was more rapid, precise, and accurate than titrametric methods. The FIA method applies to pure indigo dyeing and needs refinement to determine indigo concentration in the presence of sulfur dye desorbed from yarn.
Indigo Dyes, disperse Spectrophotometry Titrations

"Characterization Of The Dyeing Behavior Of Cationic Cotton With Direct Dyes"
AATCC Rev. 2002 Volume 2, Issue 10 Pages 24-27
Sara L. Draper, Keith R. Beck, C. Brent Smith, and Peter J. Hauser

Abstract: Dyeing cotton by conventional methods requires large amounts of salt and water. in an effort to reduce the amount of salt required, 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride (CHPTAC) was fixed to cotton. Cationic cotton prepared in this way can be dyed without salt and requires less rinsing to remove unfixed dye. The effect of the cationic pretreatment on dye uptake for three direct dyes was evaluated using a flow injection analysis (FIA) dyebath monitoring system. Other properties such as dyeing capacity and binding constant for the direct dyes on cationic and untreated cotton were also determined by equilibrium dyeings.
Dyes, disperse Spectrophotometry