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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Vegetable -> pickle -> water

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"Amperometric Determination Of Nitrite Based On Reaction With 3-mercaptopropanoic Acid"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1999 Volume 382, Issue 1-2 Pages 189-197
Xiaohong Chen, Chuanmin Ruan, Jilie Kong and Jiaqi Deng

Abstract: The measurement of nitrite is based on the electrochemical reduction at gold electrode of thionitrite, which is the product of reaction between nitrite and 3-mercaptopropanoic (MPA). Visible absorption spectra show that S-N=O of thionitrite is involved in the electrochemical reduction at the gold electrode. The result of coulometric analysis indicates that the electrochemical reduction is a two-electron transfer process. The dependence of peak potential on pH provides evidence that two protons are involved in the electrochemical reaction. A mechanism for the reaction is proposed. The effect of MPA concentration on the current response in the presence of nitrite is also discussed. The detection limit is 5 µmol/l and the peak current is linear with the concentration of nitrite over the 5 x 10^-6-5 x 10^-3 mol/l range. This method is used for the determination of nitrite in pickled vegetable water and the results are satisfactory.
Nitrite Coulometry Electrode Spectroelectrochemistry