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Guandu Seed

Classification: Vegetable -> bean -> guandu -> seed

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"Vanillin-condensed Tannin Study Using Flow Injection Spectrophotometry"
Talanta 2000 Volume 51, Issue 1 Pages 1-6
Edilene C. Ferreira and Ana Rita A. Nogueira

Abstract: Studies involving the kinetic reaction between vanillin and condensed tannins were developed using a flow injection system with spectrophotometric determination. A solution of the monomeric compound (-)-epicatechin was used as the analytical standard. This compound was chosen due to its structure, which is similar to a polymeric unit of the condensed tannin present in plants. The results indicated that the vanillin-condensed tannin reaction is time dependent and affected by the degree of polymerization of the condensed tannin. The flow system allowed (-)-epicatechin to be used without overestimating the content of the tannin present in the forage legume, guandu (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.), studied. A relative standard deviation (RSD) of <1% was found for a 4 h period work and allowed the determination of about 60 samples h-1 with a detection limit of 1.05 mg L-1 for condensed tannin. When compared to the manual vanillin procedure, the proposed approach can be used with various advantages.
Vanillin Spectrophotometry Method comparison Optimization Kinetic