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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
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Wine Rose

Classification: Beverage -> alcoholic -> wine -> rose

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"Determination Of Sulfur Dioxide In Wines By Gas-diffusion Flow Injection Analysis Utilizing Modified Electrodes With Electrostatically Assembled Films Of Tetraruthenated Porphyrin"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1999 Volume 387, Issue 2 Pages 175-180
Carla M. N. Azevedo, Koiti Araki, Henrique E. Toma and Lúcio Angnes

Abstract: Reported is a new method for the determination of both Gee and total SO2 in wine, specially designed for FIA. The method involves separation of the analyte using a flow-through gas diffusion unit, in line with an amperometric detector consisting of a glassy carbon electrode modified with electrostatically assembled films of a tetraruthenated porphyrin. The results demonstrate a good accuracy, comparable with those obtained using the conventional iodometric method. In addition, the method can be readily applied to red, white and rose wines; it is free from interference of the other compounds of wine, consumes small amounts of sample and is faster than the iodometric method.
Sulfur dioxide Electrode Gas diffusion Method comparison