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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Water -> bromonated

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"Determination Of Chloride And Fluoride In Boronated Water"
Analyst 1985 Volume 110, Issue 7 Pages 841-845
Derek Midgley

Abstract: The performance of chloride-and fluoride-selective electrodes in boronated waters, typical of a pressurised water reactor (PWR) primary coolant, has been investigated. The precision and sensitivity of the mercury(I) chloride-mercury(II) sulphide membrane electrode were unaffected by the boric acid medium and the electrode was adequate for measurements below the specified limit of 150-200 µg l-1 of chloride. Measurements of fluoride concentration in the range 25-250 µg l-1 were straightforward, with a relative standard deviation of about 2%. The lanthanum fluoride membrane electrode can, therefore, be used to check that PWR primary coolant is within the specified limit of 150 µg l-1. The boric acid in the sample causes a bias in direct potentiometry for fluoride, but this can be corrected by a simple mathematical equation. Alternatively, the bias can be avoided by the use of known addition potentiometry. Fluoride electrodes deviate from the theoretical sensitivity below a concentration of about 25 µg l-1, but still have ample sensitivity down to 1 µg l-1. In this concentration range, however, the response is very slow, taking 40-120 min to reach equilibrium and there is considerable variation between individual electrodes.
Chloride Fluoride Electrode Electrode Potentiometry