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NIST 612

Classification: Reference Material -> NIST -> 612 -> Glass

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"Analysis Of Solid Samples By ICP-mass Spectrometry"
Fresenius J. Anal. Chem. 1992 Volume 342, Issue 12 Pages 917-923
Uwe Voellkopf, M. Paul and E. R. Denoyer

Abstract: ICP-mass spectrometry is typically used as a technique for very rapid multielement analysis at trace and ultratrace levels of solutions by continuous sample aspiration and nebulization. However, ICP-MS is well suited to be used as a detector for other sample introduction devices. For the analysis of solid samples laser sampling and electrothermal vaporization accessories may be used as sample introduction devices for ICP-MS. Laser sampling permits the analysis of many different types of solid materials. For solid sampling ETV-ICP-MS analysis it is of advantage to reduce the sample to a fine powder prior to analysis. For automated analysis powders may be introduced as slurries into the graphite furnace by means of a slurry sampling device. Since appropriate certified solid reference materials are not always available for calibration, or since they are not certified for all analyte elements of interest, the analyzes discussed in this contribution were performed semi-quantitatively. The instrument response function was established using reference materials which were similar in their composition to the samples. The results of semi-quantitative bulk analyzes of glass (NIST 612) and geological material (USGS GXR-3) by laser sampling ICP-MS are in good agreement with the certified values. The concentrations. of the analytes determined in the glass sample were in the range of 10 µg/g to 80 µg/g. The lowest analyte concentration in the geological sample was 0.4 µg/g (Eu) and the highest was approximately 186 mg/g (Fe). The precision achieved was in the order of 5% to 15%. Laser sampling ICP-MS is not only suitable to bulk analysis but also to analyzes where spatial information is required. As an example for such an application the determination of Pb in a wine bottle cork stopper is discussed. The slurry sampling technique was used for the semi-quantitative analysis of NIST coal reference samples by electrothermal vaporization ICP-MS. The accuracy achieved with this approach was within a factor of ±2 of the reference values.
Iron Europium Lead Mass spectrometry Reference material Slurry Ultratrace