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"Certification Of Three Mussel Tissue Standard Reference Materials (SRM) For Methylmercury And Total Mercury Content"
Fresenius J. Anal. Chem. 1997 Volume 358, Issue 3 Pages 424-430
M. K. Donais, Rajananda Saraswati, Elizabeth Mackey, Rabia Demiralp, Barbara Porter, Mark Vangel, Mark Levenson, Vesna Mandic, Sabine Azemard, Milena Horvat, Karl May, Hendrik Emons, Stephen Wise

Abstract: Three mussel tissue SRM (SRM 1974a, SRM 2974 and SRM 2976) were certified for methylmercury and total Hg contents. The methylmercury contents were measured using three independent extraction and quantification procedures; (i) solid-liquid extraction under acidic conditions, clean-up by gel permeation chromatography and GC, (ii) saponification at 70°C, room temperature ethylation, pre-concentration, GC followed by pyrolysis cold vapor (CV)-AFS and (iii) steam distillation under acidic conditions, separation of inorganic Hg and organomercury by anion-exchange chromatography, UV irradiation and CV-AAS. The total Hg content was measured using four independent procedures; (1) microwave digestion and flow injection CV-AAS, (2) instrumental NAA, (3) acid digestion at 70°C, double Au trap amalgamation and CV-AFS and (4) acid digestion at 150°C, Au wire amalgamation and CV-AAS. The certified values (ng/g, dry-mass basis) for methylmercury (as Hg)/total Hg contents were 77.2/186 for SRM 1974a, 77.2/171 for SRM 2974 and 27.7/61 for SRM 2976.
Mercury Methylmercury ion Spectrophotometry Fluorescence GPC Sample preparation Neutron activation analysis Amalgamation Preconcentration Reference material Speciation Volatile generation Volatile generation