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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Reference Material -> USGS -> GSD-4 -> Stream sediment

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"Investigation Of The Enhancement Sensitivity Effect Of Some Oxidants On Lead In Flow Injection Hydride-generation AAS"
Guangpuxue Yu Guangpu Fenxi 1992 Volume 12, Issue 3 Pages 75-82
Wei, J.H.;Lin, F.;Wang, X.S.

Abstract: For the determination of Pb, GSD-5 reference material was digested with concentrated HCl and the digest was evaporated to near dryness. The residue was further treated with HNO3 and evaporated to near dryness. The residue was dissolved in water and the solution was mixed with concentrated HCl, boiled and cooled. The solution was filtered, mixed with aqueous 6% K3Fe(CN)6 and diluted with water. The solution was analyzed by flow injection hydride generation AAS (optimum conditions given). The results obtained compared well with the literature value. The mechanism was studied of the enhancement in the sensitivity of the determination of Pb by oxidants, e.g., K3Fe(CN)6, H2O2, K2Cr2O7 and (NH4)2S2O8. The sensitivity increase caused by K3Fe(CN)6 was higher than that obtained with the other oxidants.
Lead Sample preparation Spectrophotometry Optimization Sensitivity Reference material Volatile generation Volatile generation