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JAC 32

Classification: Reference Material -> JAC -> 32 -> Riverine water

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"Determination Of Major And Trace-elements For Certified Reference Material Of Riverine Water JAC-0031 And JAC-0032 By ICP-MS"
Anal. Sci. 1997 Volume 13, Issue 2 Pages 177-182

Abstract: Element concentrations were determined by ICP-MS for certified reference materials of riverine water JAC 0031 and JAC 0032 which were recently distributed for a collaborative study to determine certified values. Concentrations were determined of nine elements (Mg, Al, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Cd and Pb) out of sixteen elements, which were intended to be certified. An additional eleven trace elements (Li, V, Co, Rb, Sr, Mo, Sb, Cs, Pa, W and U) were also determined. The results obtained for the former nine elements generally agreed well with the values from other laboratories and with certified values. The results obtained for the latter eleven elements were consistent with our previous data, which were obtained from our monitoring project for the same river at a nearby sampling point. 39 References
Magnesium Aluminum Manganese Nickel Copper Zinc Arsenic Cadmium Lead Lithium Vanadium Cobalt Rubidium Strontium Molybdenum Antimony Cesium Palladium Tungsten Uranium Mass spectrometry Reference material Method comparison