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IAEA 153

Classification: Reference Material -> IAEA -> 153 -> Whole milk powder

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"Sample Zone Cutting By Relocation Of A Coiled Reactor: An Alternative To Increase Manifold Versatility"
J. Flow Injection Anal. 1998 Volume 15, Issue 1 Pages 47-59
Rocha, F.R.P.;Nobrega, J.A.;Gouveia, S.T.

Abstract: The versatility of flow systems can be extended by relocating manifold components, such as resin columns, flow cells, and coiled reactors. The feasibility of the relocation of a coiled reactor was investigated. This approach was applied to reduce the washing time, to adjust the sample concentration range, and to decrease the amount of sample introduced in the nebulization chamber of a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (FAAS). Relocation of the coiled reactor allowed cutting the rear of the sample zone and different strategies were implemented employing the same flow system. In nitrite determination using Griess's reaction, sampling rates were 212 h-1 and 327 h-1 without and with a 200 cm relocating reactor, respectively. The adjustment of the sample concentration to the linear response range of the detector was achieved by changing the delay time for relocating the coiled reactor. Relocation of the a coiled reactor also made feasible the direct determination of calcium in milk by FAAS decreasing by 62% the volume of the milk suspension introduced in the nebulization chamber, which is useful to avoid clogging. The accuracy of this procedure was checked using two kinds of whole milk powders standard reference materials (NIST 8435 and IAEA 153) and the results obtained agreed with the certified values at a 95% confidence level.
Nitrite Calcium Spectrophotometry Reference material Nebulizer Reactor Linear dynamic range