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BCS 397

Classification: Reference Material -> BCS -> 397 -> Human Hair

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"Diagnostic Potential Of Hair Analysis As Applied To The Goldsmith Sector"
Microchem. J. 1998 Volume 59, Issue 1 Pages 32-44
S. Caroli, O. Senofonte, N. Violante, S. D'Ilio, S. Caimi, F. Chiodo and A. Menditto

Abstract: Trace elements were determined in hair of individuals involved in goldsmith activities in Italy. Three major areas of prodn. were selected: Arezzo, Valenza, and Vicenza. In total, 95 (73 exposed individuals and 22 controls) of the personnel employed in factories located in these provinces were examined Hair samples were collected, washed, and digested as prescribed by well-established procedures. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry was employed for the determination of Ag, Au, Cd, Co, Cr, In, Ni, Pb, and Pt in the final solutions, whereas Hg was quantified by means of the flow injection mercury system. The expected high concentrations of Cu and Zn in the hair matrix, on the other hand, allowed the use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Certified Reference Material Human Hair (BCR CRM No. 397) was used throughout the study to check the accuracy of measurements. The geometric means obtained for exposed subjects were (µg/g) Ag, 1.293; Au, 1.445; Cd, 0.0369; Co, 0.017; Cr, 0.3270; Cu, 13.27; Hg, 1.510; In, 0.0016; Ni, 0.276; Pb, 0.662; Pt, 0.0036; and Zn, 172.3. For control subjects, on the other hand, the geometric means ascertained were (µg/g) Ag, 0.403; Au, 0.670; Cd, 0.0314; Co, 0.025; Cr, 0.2125; Cu, 11.08; Hg, 1.360; In, 0.0008; Ni, 0.467; Pb, 0.596; Pt, 0.0051; and Zn, 168.9. Statistical treatment of the data showed that the greatest difference between the values observed in exposed and unexposed subjects occurred for Ag, followed by Au, Cu, and In.
Silver Gold Cobalt Chromium Indium Nickel Lead Platinum Mercury Copper Zinc Mass spectrometry Spectrophotometry Spectrophotometry FIMS Reference material