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Department of Chemistry
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BCS 396

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"Indirect Atomic Absorption Determination Of Aluminum By Flow Injection Analysis"
Microchem. J. 1986 Volume 34, Issue 2 Pages 190-195
Martinez Jimenez, P.;Gallego, M.;Valcarcel, M.

Abstract: Solutions of Al(III) in H2SO4 (pH 3 to 3.5) were injected into a carrier solution of Fe(III) and tartrate (pH 3.5 to 6.0) and Al was determined by AAS by measuring the enhancement of the Fe signal in a fuel-rich air - acetylene flame. The effect depends on the ratio of air to acetylene, and on the geometries of the burner and the optical system. The coefficient of variation (n = 11) for 0.2 to 4 µg mL-1 of Al was 1.2% and the sampling frequency was 150 h-1 for an injected volume of 54 µL. The limits of detection were 6 and 10 ng of Al for 10 and 25 µg mL-1 of Fe, respectively. There was no interference from Br-, I-, F-, Pb(II) and Mg(II). The method was applied to the determination of Al in low-silica magnesite chrome (BCS 396), high-purity magnesite (BCS 389) and feldspar (BAS 29f) to give results in good agreement with the certified values. Interference from foreign ions is discussed.
Aluminum(III) Spectrophotometry Interferences Optimization Reference material Tecator Indirect