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"Isotope Dilution Analysis For Flow Injection ICP-MS Determination Of Microgram Per Gram Levels Of Boron In Iron And Steel After Matrix Removal"
Anal. Chem. 1996 Volume 68, Issue 6 Pages 991-996
Aurora G. Coedo, Teresa Dorado, Bernardo J. Fernandez, and Francisco J. Alguacil

Abstract: Steel or Fe (0.25 g) was mixed with HCl, HNO3, H2SO4 and water in a high-pressure digestion vessel and dissolved using a microwave oven. A 10B spike solution was added (250 ng B) and the solution was evaporated to form solid salts, which were redissolved in water. The solution was extracted with acetylacetone/CHCl3 (1:1) at pH 1.4, the organic phase was discarded, and the extraction procedure was repeated on the aqueous phase. The aqueous layer was mixed with 1 mL HNO3, the solution was evaporated to 2 mL and diluted to 5 mL with water. The resulting test solution corresponded to 50 mg/ml sample, with the total B and Fe contents 1 µg/ml. Flow injection sampling minimized problems arising from the total salt concentration. The ICP-MS detection limit was 0.02 µg/g and the RSD values for concentrations 10 times this limit were 1% (n = 4). Good accuracy was obtained for eight Fe reference materials with B contents 10 µg/g.
Boron Mass spectrometry Sample preparation Reference material Interferences Matrix removal