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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Polymer -> rubber -> smoke

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"Application Of High Performance Liquid Chromatography-flow Injection Analysis For The Determination Of Polyphosphoric Acids In Phosphorus Smokes"
J. Chromatogr. A 1984 Volume 290, Issue 4 Pages 163-172
R. S. Brazell, R. W. Holmberg and J. H. Moneyhun

Abstract: Aerosols formed by burning red phosphorus impregnated in butyl rubber, and white phosphorus in felt, are collected on glass-fiber pads and dissolved in NaCl - EDTA solution. Phosphates up to the P13 polymer are separated by HPLC on an Aminex A-27 (8% cross-linked) quaternary ammonium anion-exchange column (30 cm x 4 mm) with aqueous NaCl (pH 10) in gradient elution; polyphosphates up to P18 are separated on an Aminex A-14 (4% cross-linked) column. Detection is achieved by flow injection analysis at 140°C, with use of ascorbic acid - molybdate solution to hydrolyse polyphosphates and react with the orthophosphate formed, with detection at the convenient but non-optimum wavelength of 660 nm. Significant changes in composition occur with aerosol ageing, due to hydrolysis and depolymerization. Free-burning phosphorus samples are found to give straight-chain species of less than P11 only.
Phosphate Polyphosphates HPLC Spectrophotometry Heated reaction Temperature