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Spruce Bark

Classification: Plant -> tree -> spruce -> bark

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"Trapping System For Trace Organic Volatiles"
J. Chromatogr. A 1991 Volume 586, Issue 2 Pages 315-322
Tomás Jursík, Karel Stránský* and Karel Ubik

Abstract: A technique is described for the collection and concentration of volatile compounds produced by plants, animals and other materials which is a modification of the continuous-flow system based on absorption of volatiles in a low amount of solvent at low temp (cf. 'Proceedings of a Conference on Insect Chemistry and Ecology Tabor, Aug 12-18, 1990', Hrdy (Ed.), Academia, Prague, 1991, p.327). The trapping device (illustrated) works offline and the concentrated analytes are analyzed by GC (details given). The method was evaluated in the analysis of C8 to C22 alkanes and subsequently applied in the analysis of coffee beans, spruce bark, black pepper, beer and PVC floor covering. Chromatographs are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of the trapping device are tabulated.
Organics, volatiles GC C8 Apparatus