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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
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Classification: Plant -> picea -> needles

Citations 2

"Development Of A Multi-component Analysis System. Application And Preliminary Results Of A Comparative Study Of Cellular Metabolism In Healthy And Damaged Picea Trees From Polluted Areas"
J. Chromatogr. A 1987 Volume 393, Issue 1 Pages 97-105
V. R. Villanueva, M. Mardon, M. Th. Le Goff and F. Moncelon

Abstract: A system is described for determination of high- and low-mol.-wt. compounds in a single crude biological sample. The sample is extracted and centrifuged, and the solid containing the high-mol.-wt. compounds is analyzed by polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis to determine the proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides. The supernatant solution containing the low-mol.-wt. compounds is analyzed by ion-exchange HPLC on a number of automatic analyzer.s to determine, e.g., amino-acids, polyamines, sugars, organic acids and nucleotides. A total functional analysis of the ppt. and supernatant solution is carried out by flow injection analysis. The components of the system are connected by the Spectra-Physics LABNET network to an IBM-XT microcomputer. The system has been used to study the physiological effects of acid rain on Picea needles.
Nucleic acids Polysaccharides Proteins HPLC Computer

"Improved High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis Of Methylated Amino-acids And Related Compounds And Its Application To The Analysis Of Sample Of Polluted Healthy And Damaged Picea Needles Without Extract Purification"
J. Chromatogr. A 1987 Volume 393, Issue 1 Pages 107-113
V. R. Villanueva, M. Mardon, M. Th. Le Goff and F. Moncelon

Abstract: Samples were ground mechanically to a powder in liquid N and extracted twice with 5% trichloroacetic acid in 50 mM HCl containing 10 µM-6-aminohexanoic acid as internal standard. The extract was analyzed by ion-exchange HPLC on a column (33 cm x 4 mm) of BC-X7 (7 to 10 µm; 7% cross-linked) at 73°C with 0.33 to 0.4 M Li citrate buffer (pH 6.06 to 6.95) as mobile phase (33 mL h-1) and post-column derivatization with phthalaldehyde for fluorescence detection. The method was used to separate a mixture of 24 inter-related amino-acids including methylated derivatives of histidine, lysine and arginine at the 300 to 1000-pmol level in 118 min with coefficient of variation from 0.10 to 1.82% (n = 10). The method was applied in a study of the physiological effects of air pollution on spruce (Picea) needles.
Amino acids, methylated HPLC Fluorescence Post-column derivatization