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Classification: Plant -> artemisia annua -> leaves

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"Analysis Of The Antimalarial Sesquiterpene Artemisinin In Artemisia Annua By High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) With Post-column Derivatization And Ultra-violet Detection"
Pharm. Res. 1987 Volume 4, Issue 3 Pages 258-260
Hala N. ElSohly, E. M. Croom and M. A. ElSohly

Abstract: Leaves of A. annua were dried at 40°C for 24 h, crushed and extracted by boiling under reflux with hexane. The extract was evaporated at 40°C in vacuo and a solution of the residue in acetonitrile was filtered before HPLC analysis, with acetophenone as internal standard, on a column (30 cm x 3.9 mm) of µBondapak C18 (10 µm) with a C18 guard column (1.5 cm x 3.2 mm), acetonitrile - acetate buffer solution of pH 5.1 (11:9) as mobile phase (0.45 mL min-1), post-column derivatization with methanolic KOH at 70°C in a knitted PTFE capillary and detection at 289 nm. The detection limit was 25 ng of artemisinin(I) and response was rectilinear up to 250 ng mL-1. Recovery of I from the plant was 89%.
Artemisinin HPLC Spectrophotometry Heated reaction Post-column derivatization Knotted reactor