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Classification: Pharmaceutical -> spray

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"Simultaneous Determination Of Phenylephrine Hydrochloride And Pheniramine Maleate In Nasal Spray By Solvent Extraction Flow Injection Analysis Using Two Porous-membrane Phase Separators And One Photometric Detector"
Anal. Chem. 1986 Volume 58, Issue 13 Pages 2727-2731
Charles A. Lucy and Frederick F. Cantwell

Abstract: Sample spray was injected at 2-min intervals into water as the carrier stream. Interfering thimerosal, maleate and benzalkonium ion species were removed by passage through beds (length 10 mm) of Amberlyst A-26 macroporous anion-exchange resin (100 to 140 mesh), and, after the addition of 0.2 M NaOH, A15 cation-exchange resin. Following quantitative extraction at pH 13 of pheniramine maleate into CHCl3 via segmented flow, a portion of the CHCl3 phase was separated by a porous PTFE membrane and was directed to the sample flow cell of the spectrophotometric detector. A portion of the aqueous phase, containing phenylephrine, was separated by a paper membrane located further downstream in the segmented flow and was directed to the reference flow cell. Absorbances were measured at 258.3 nm. The spectrophotometer was modified to allow electronic switching of the sample/reference designation of its two flow cells. The precision and accuracy of the technique were 1 to 2%.
Phenylephrine Pheniramine maleate Clinical analysis Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Interferences Phase separator Teflon membrane Solvent extraction