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Organic compound

Classification: Organic compound -> naptha

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"Flow Injection Analysis Determination Of Phenols In Kerosine And Naphtha By Membrane Extraction - Preconcentration"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1992 Volume 259, Issue 1 Pages 37-44
Encarnación Rodríguez Gonzalo, José Luis Pérez Pavón,Jaromir Ruzicka* and Gary D. Christian*, Don C. Olson

Abstract: The sample was passed through an Al extraction - pre-concentration. cell (illustrated) incorporating a stretched membrane of non-reinforced silicone 0.005 in. thick (Dow Corning Silastic medical-grade sheeting), and the phenols passed through the membrane into increments of 0.4% 4-aminoantipyrine solution in NaHCO3 - H3BO3 - KOH buffer of pH 10.4 in an injection valve loop. The same solution as carrier, with the injected portions, was merged with aqueous 2.5% K2S2O8 (adjusted to pH 11 with KOH) as oxidizing reagent before detection of the red product at 500 nm. Direct UV detection of the pre-concentrated phenols was less sensitive. Response was rectilinear for 17.5 to 872.5 ppm of phenol with pre-concentration in the injection valve for 30 s. The method was successfully applied to kerosine and naphtha.
Phenols Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Silicone membrane Preconcentration Extraction