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Organic compound

Classification: Organic compound -> dimethylamine

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"Determination Of Aliphatic Primary Amines By Flow Injection Fluorimetry Using Beryllium - Schiff Base Complexes"
Anal. Sci. 1992 Volume 8, Issue 3 Pages 323-327

Abstract: The reagent solution of methanolic 0.1 M salicylaldehyde - 0.05 M BeSO4.4H2O - 0.05 M H2SO4 in water, a Na2CO3 buffer solution (pH 11.8), a carrier of water and the sample solution were injected (0.4 mL min-1) into the 10 m-reaction coil of the flow injection apparatus (diagram given) and the fluorescence was measured at 430 nm (excitation at 330 nm). Methylamine was determined from 6 µM to 6 mM with a coefficient of variation (n = 10) of 0.74% for 30 µM. Ethylamine, propylamine and butylamine were determined from 30 µM to 8 mM with a coefficient of variation of 3%. In an alkaline solution, aliph. primary amines react with salicylaldehyde and beryllium(II) to form fluorescent Schiff base complexes. Flow injection fluorimetry for the determination of aliph. primary amines based on this reaction has been investigated. By using the established method, methylamine could be determined in the range of (6 x 10^-6-6 x 10^-3) mol L-1 within a relative standard deviation of 3%. Ethylamine, 1-propylamine and 1-butylamine were determinable in the range of (3 x 10^-5-8 x 10^-3) mol L-1. With a flow rate of 0.4 mL min-1, 30 samples could be analyzed per h. The proposed method was substantially inactive for secondary and tertiary amines, and was successfully applied to the determination of methylamine (0.007-0.008%) contained in commercial dimethylamine reagents.
Amines, aliphatic Amines, primary Fluorescence Indirect Complexation