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Wax wool

Classification: Organic compound -> alcohol -> wax wool

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"Determination Of Cholesterol By Flow Injection Analysis With Immobilized Cholesterol Oxidase"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1985 Volume 174, Issue 1 Pages 293-297
M. Masoom and Alan Townshend

Abstract: The injected sample passes at pH 7 through a column of cholesterol oxidase, immobilized on controlled-porosity glass by cross-linking with glutaraldehyde, and the H2O2 produced is detected with an amperometric flow-cell detector. The calibration graph of peak height vs. concentration. is rectilinear for up to 80 mg dl-1 with a coefficient of variation of 1 to 3%, the detection limit is 0.2 µg, and the achievable sample throughput is 80 h-1. The method was applied to the determination of cholesterol in blood serum, wax-wool alcohol and a butter extract and gave results in good agreement with those obtained by established procedures.
Cholesterol Amperometry Controlled pore glass Immobilized enzyme Method comparison