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Organic compound

Classification: Organic compound -> albumin

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"Chemiluminescent Determination Of Cobalt In Albumin Solution"
Ulk. Khim. Zh. 1990 Volume 56, Issue 11 Pages 1177-1180
Pilipenko, A. T.; Zaporozhets, O. A. (SFS)

Abstract: Three chemiluminescence reactions (with low detection limit and high selectivity) examined for determining (O in 10% albumin (after TCA precipitation of the protein) included: oxidation of luminol with O, 4-diethylaminophthalhydrazide with H2O2 and lucigenin with H2O2. The results of all the 3 methods agreed well. Low limit of detection and high selectivity of the first two methods allow Co determination in albumin solution, and no prior separation or concentration. are required. The methods are rapid (including protein separation <1.5 h). The respectively. Co determination limit by the above mentioned 3 methods, was 8, 3, and 30 ng/mL in albumin solution (SFS)
Cobalt Chemiluminescence Method comparison