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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Meat -> pork -> fat

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"Flow Injection Determination Of Free And Total Cholesterol In Animal Greases Using Enzymes In Non-aqueous Media"
Analyst 1998 Volume 123, Issue 5 Pages 999-1003
Gerardo Piñeiro-Avila, Amparo Salvador and Miguel de la Guardia

Abstract: A non-covalently co-immobilized bienzymic reactor of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and cholesterol oxidase (COD), operating in a continuous organic flowing stream of 1 x 10^-3 M p-anisidine in buffer-saturated (pH 7.0) toluene, has been employed for cholesterol determination in animal greases, such as pig, beef, and chicken fat, and codfish liver oil. The method provides a good linear relationship up to 1.8 x 10^-3 M cholesterol and average recoveries of 99.5%, a high sensitivity, with a detection limit of 1 x 10^-6 M of cholesterol and a good precision (an interday RSD of 1.8% for the determination of total cholesterol in a codfish oil sample). The method permits the direct spectrophotometric determination of free cholesterol present in animal grease samples without any pre-treatment, and the total cholesterol determination after a microwave-assisted sapon. The bienzymic reactor exhibits a good stability in the water-restricted environment, being possible to perform more than 180 analyzes during a period of 10 d with 1 mg of HRP, and 1 mg of COD, equivalent to 220 purpurogallin units and 23 U, respectively.
Cholesterol, free Cholesterol, total Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Organic solvent