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Mussel Irish

Classification: Marine -> shellfish -> mussel -> irish

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"Identification Of A New Diarrhoetic Toxin In Shellfish Using Liquid Chromatography With Fluorimetric And Mass Spectrometric Detection"
Toxicon 1997 Volume 35, Issue 6 Pages 973-978
Kevin J. James, Eoin P. Carmody, Marion Gillman, Sean S. Kelly, Rosa Draisci, Luca Lucentini and Luigi Giannetti

Abstract: A new toxin, dinophysistoxin-2B (DTX-2B) was isolated from Irish mussels using silica chromatography, gel permeation, octadecylsilane solid-phase extraction and repeated preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Dinophysistoxin-2 (DTX-2) was also isolated from shellfish using the same procedures. The separation of these toxins in chromatographic fractions was monitored using fluorimetric HPLC following derivatization with 9-anthrylmethyldiazomethane or 1- bromoacetylpyrene. Flow injection analysis-mass spectrometry (FIA-MS) with an atmospheric pressure ionization (API) and an ionspray (ISP) interface showed a mass spectrum dominated by the protonated molecule, [M+H]+, at m/z 805 for DTX-2B, thus indicating that this new toxin has the same mol.wt as okadaic acid and DTX-2. The low-energy fragment ion spectrum, as produced in FIA-MS experiments by up-front collision- induced dissociation of the protonated molecule of DTX-2B, showed fragment ions corresponding to successive losses of water molecules from the [M+H]+ ion. This low collision energy fragmentation pattern is typical of marine polyether toxins such as okadaic acid, DTX-2 and DTX- 1. These results provide strong evidence that DTX-2B is another okadaic acid isomer.
Dinophysistoxin 2B HPLC Fluorescence Mass spectrometry Post-column derivatization