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Department of Chemistry
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High purity

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"Determination Of Trace Potassium In High-purity Sodium Antimonate By Flow Injection Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry"
Guangpuxue Yu Guangpu Fenxi 1993 Volume 13, Issue 6 Pages 87-90
Fu, C.G.;Liu, D.J.;Zhang, G.R.

Abstract: A sample (0.1 g) was dissolved in 2 mL of concentrated HCl then boiled with 10 mL of tartaric acid solution at 200 g/l and 20 mL of NaCl solution at 15 g/l; after cooling 0.1N-HCl was added to 100 mL. The solution (500 µL) was injected into the flow injection analyzer. and mixed with a carrier stream of water (5.9 ml/min) in a reaction tube (15 cm) before nebulization into the atomic absorption spectrometer for detection of K. Optimum burner-head height was 11.25 mm, with acetylene at 0.3 kg/cm2 and air at 1.5 kg/cm2. The effect of interfering ions such as Na, Sb, tartaric acid and HCl was investigated. Results indicated that the standard calibration graph could be used after matching the matrices of sample and standard with added Na. Recoveries were 95.3-101.3% with RSD of 1-2.1%.
Potassium Spectrophotometry Interferences Optimization