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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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"Online Analysis Of Trace Germanium In Purified Zinc Sulfate Solutions In Zinc Hydrometallurgical Processes"
Fenxi Shiyanshi 1995 Volume 14, Issue 2 Pages 48-51
Tan, A.M.;Wu, Y.S.;Liu, H.H.;Huang, J.L.;Xu, J.H.;Zhao, X.N.

Abstract: Sample was introduced into a stream of 0.2 mM salicylfluorine and 0.3% p-octyl polyethylene glycol phenyl ether and 2 M HCl (all at 2.9 ml/min) and mixed in a reaction coil (120 cm x 0.5 mm i.d.) and the absorbance of the mixture was measured 500 and 510 nm (with 540 nm for reference). The pump running time was 45 s and pump was stopped for 20 s in order to allow the color reaction to complete. The calibration graph was linear from 10^-100 ppb of Ge in ZnSO4 solution (with Zn concentration 160 g/l). The RSD was 7%. Interferences from Sb(III), W(VI), Mo(VI) and Sn(IV) were masked. Sampling frequency was 30 runs per h. the method was applied to the analysis of trace Ge in Zn smelter processing fluids.
Germanium Spectrophotometry Interferences Stopped-flow