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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
Phone: 1-904-620-1938
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Website: @unf

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Classification: Industrial -> photosensitive resin

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"Flow Injection Determination Of 9,10-phenanthraquinone With Catalytic Photometric Detection"
Talanta 1993 Volume 40, Issue 3 Pages 405-407
Nobutoshi Kiba, Hiroshi Suzuki, Eiichi Goto and Motohisa Furusawa

Abstract: The flow injection procedure for determination of phenanthraquinone (I) is based on the catalytic effect of I on the reduction of 1,2-dinitrobenzene with formaldehyde. The carrier solution (3 M NaOH) and the reagent solution (3 mM 1,2-dinitrobenzene and 3 M formaldehyde in DMSO) are pumped through the FIA system. Aliquots of the sample solution are injected with a 10 µL loop and the mixture passed through a reaction coil at 60°C. The change in absorbance at 560 nm is monitored. The calibration graph is rectilinear over the range 5.0 x 10^-8 to 5.0 x 10^-6M. The interference of various quinones is investigated. The method is applied to the determination of I in photosensitive resin scraped from a 60 µm thick layer coating a circuit board prior to photoirradiation.
9,10-Phenanthraquinone Spectrophotometry Catalysis Heated reaction Interferences