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Activated charcoal

Classification: Industrial -> nuclear -> activated charcoal

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"Determination Of Iodide Ion In Impregnated Charcoals By Flow Injection"
Analyst 1993 Volume 118, Issue 6 Pages 623-626
Cheryl D. Monks, Duangjai Nacapricha and Colin G. Taylor

Abstract: Activated charcoals, impregnated with KI or triethylenediamine, or both, are used in the nuclear industry as filter materials for the trapping of volatile radioactive compounds, especially those containing radio-iodine. The determination of iodide ion in activated charcoals impregnated with 1.5% KI is described. An aqueous extract was prepared and the iodide ion concentration. determined by injection into a water stream that is merged with a carrier solution of KIO3 and H2SO4. The FI manifold incorporated an automatic wavelength scanner and a 1-cm pathlength flow-through cell. Four different diameters of pump tubing were used to provide flow rates of 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.8 mL min-1; UV absorption was measured at 460 nm. The detection limit was 60 µM-iodide and the coefficient of variation was 1.2% (for 1 mM iodide).
Iodide Spectrophotometry Charcoal Immobilized reagent