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Process liquor Zinc

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"Determination Of Antimony In Purified Solution Of Zinc Hydrometallurgy By Reversed Flow Injection Analysis Micellar Solubilization Spectrophotometry"
Fenxi Shiyanshi 1992 Volume 11, Issue 3 Pages 22-23
Xu, J.;Wang, H.

Abstract: Water (1.2 mL min-1) was used to carry 30 µL of 2% thioglycollic acid (I) to mix with 1 mM salicylfluorone (II) - 1% emulsifier OP (2:3) at 1.2 mL min-1 in reactor A and the mixture was transported to reactor B to mix with 30 µL of the sample which was carried by a stream of 0.1 M H2SO4 at 4.2 mL min-1; detection was at 506 nm, which constitutes a measurement of color-fading of the Sb - II - OP complex as caused by I. Beer's law was obeyed for up to 1 µg mL-1 of Sb. Over 20 foreign ions had been investigated, it was found that Sn, Mn, Ge, Fe(III) and Bi interferred. Sampling rate was 30 runs h-1.
Antimony Spectrophotometry Reverse Interferences Complexation Micelle