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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Industrial -> electroplating solution -> copper

Citations 3

"Amperometric Determination Of Hydrogen Peroxide In Pickling Baths For Copper And Copper Alloys By Flow Injection Analysis"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1983 Volume 145, Issue 1 Pages 189-196
Hans Lundbäck

Abstract: The hydrogen peroxide is oxidized at + 1.5 V vs. SCE at a glassy carbon electrode of the wall-jet type. The samples are diluted about 100 times in a dispersion coil before entering the amperometric detector. The calibration curve is linear from 10^-4 to 1 M H2O2, when 5 µL samples are used. With 50 µL samples the detection limit decreases to 10^-6 M H2O2. Neither metal ions (Cu2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Al3+) up to 0.5 M nor changes in the sulfuric acid concentration of the samples between 0.1 and 1 M interfere with the hydrogen peroxide determination. About 75 samples can be analyzed per hour.
Hydrogen peroxide Amperometry Electrode Electrode

"Constant-potential Pulse Polarographic Detection In Flow Injection Analysis Without Deaeration Of Solvent Or Sample"
Anal. Chim. Acta 1986 Volume 179, Issue 1 Pages 381-388
Glen G. Neuburger and Dennis C. Johnson

Abstract: The use of constant-potential-pulse polarography enabled the detection of Pb(II) and Cd in solution (pH 7) to be carried out at a dropping-mercury electrode without de-aeration of sample or solvent. The supporting electrolyte was 0.1 M KNO3 - 0.01 M HNO3. The method was used in conventional polarographic cells or, for small samples, in flow injection systems; the determination of Cu(II) in electroplating solution is described.
Cadmium Copper(II) Lead(2+) Polarography Electrode

"Ionometric Determination Of Tetrafluoroborate Ions In Electrolytes From Electroplating Productions By Flow Injection Analysis"
Zavod. Lab. 1992 Volume 58, Issue 12 Pages 15-16
Evsevleeva, L. G.; Petrukhin, O. M.; Urusov, Yu. I. (SFS)

Abstract: The title method is developed for the determination of tetrafluoroborate in Sn- and Cu-plating baths. Fluoride electrode immersed in phosphate buffer solution containing 0.1 M NaF is used as reference electrode. BF4-selective membrane electrode is used as indicator electrode. The sample solution should be diluted to 10^-1-10-3 mol analyte/L before determination The relative standard deviations are 0.009-0.017 and 0.011-0.016 for 420 and 600 measurements/h, respectively.
Tetrafluoroborate Electrode Electrode