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Zinc Concentrate

Classification: Geological -> ore -> zinc -> concentrate

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"Determination Of Mercury In Zinc Ore Concentrate Reference Materials Using Flow Injection And Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry"
Talanta 1993 Volume 40, Issue 10 Pages 1477-1480
Rajananda Saraswati, Charles M. Beck and Michael S. Epstein*,

Abstract: A 0.25 g sample was mixed with 2.5 mL each of HNO3 and HCl and digested in a capped PTFE vessel at 60°C for 3 h. The digest was then diluted to 250 mL with the addition of 0.75 mL of 1% K2Cr2O7 solution The flow injection system (Perkin-Elmer FIAS-200) carried the sample (0.5 mL sample loop) in 3% HCl to a mixing coil, where it was mixed with 1.1% SnCl2 solution The free Hg atoms were then swept in a stream of Ar to a heated (200°C) quartz absorption cell for detection at 253.7 nm. The calibration graph (peak height) was linear from 1-10 ng/ml of Hg, and this graph or the method of standard additions was used for quantitation; the detection limit was 80 ng/g. Results for a standard reference material agreed with the certified value.
Mercury Spectrophotometry Reference material FIAS-200 Method comparison