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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Geological -> mineral -> xenotime

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"Selective Determination Of Yttrium In Geological Materials By Ion-interaction Chromatography"
Microchim. Acta 1993 Volume 110, Issue 1-3 Pages 47-53
Rokuro Kuroda, Katsuaki Sato and Koichi Oguma

Abstract: Geological sample (0.5 g) was digested with H2SO4 (5 ml) at 250 to 300°C 1 h. The digest was evaporated to near-dryness and the residue was treated with 10% tartaric acid (10 ml) followed by further digestion with 2% thioacetamide solution (2 ml) and filtration. The filtrate was treated with saturated oxalic acid solution and adjusted to pH 2. After further digestion for 1 h, the solution was filtered and ashed at 500°C. The ash was dissolved in 3 M HCl (50 ml) and a portion of the solution was mixed with glycolic acid and 1-octanesulfonate. The solution was analyzed by ion-interaction chromatography on a column (15 cm x 4 mm) of ODS silica (5 µm) with gradient elution (details given) with 0.15 M glycolic acid - 0.01 M 1-octanesulfonate as mobile phase (1 mL min-1). Post-column derivatization was effected by reaction of the eluate with Arsenazo III; detection was at 650 nm. The calibration graph was rectilinear from 1.5 to 90 µg mL-1 of Y with a detection limit of 0.50 µg mL-1. Results for monazite and xenotime ores are presented.
Yttrium HPLC Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Post-column derivatization