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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Geological -> mineral -> magnesia

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"Simultaneous Determination Of Trace Iron And Aluminum In Magnesia Brick By Flow Injection Micellar Solubilization Spectrophotometry"
Fenxi Huaxue 1994 Volume 22, Issue 2 Pages 153-155
Zong, Z.W.;Yu, Z.A.

Abstract: Reference standard (0.26-0.32 g) was mixed with 2-3 g of Na2CO3/borax (1:2) in a Pt crucible, fused at 1000°C in a muffle furnace, the fusion cake was macerated with dilute HCl and the solution was diluted to 250 mL with water to a final concentration of 0.7 M HCl. The solution were injected into a carrier stream (2.5 ml/min) of 0.7 M HCl before and behind a Ag column, respectively, and reacted with a mixed reagent [prepared by mixing 5 mL of 2% OP, 20 mL of 0.25% Chrome azurol S (C. I. Mordant Blue 29) and 200 mL of acetate buffer solution of pH 6.8, and diluting to 500 mL with H2O]. The absorbance was measured at 640 nm vs. water. The concentrations of Fe and Al were calculated from the absorbance peaks. Beer's law was obeyed from 0.6-4 and 0.5-6 µg/ml of Fe and Al, respectively. RSD (n = 6) were 6.6%. Tolerance levels are given for 19 foreign ions. Interference from Ni2+ could be masked with dimethylglyoxime.
Iron Aluminum Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Micelle Interferences Reference material