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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Fruit -> strawberry

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"Voltammetric Determination Of The Herbicides Thiram And Disulfiram With A Cobalt Phtalocyanine Modified Carbon-paste Electrode"
Analusis 1995 Volume 23, Issue 7 Pages 319-324

Abstract: The voltammetric behavior of two dithiocarbamic acid derivative herbicides, thiram and disulfiram, at a carbon paste electrode modified with the electron mediator cobalt phthalocyanine is described. Cyclic voltammograms showed a decrease of the overpotential of around 100 mV for the electrochemical oxidation of the herbicides, as well as a remarkable increase in the peak current, using the modified electrode with respect to the plain carbon paste electrode. The appropriate CoPC percentage in the carbon paste and the working medium used as background electrolyte were optimized by differential pulse voltammetry. Both thiram and disulfiram showed enhanced oxidation signals when open-circuit accumulation in stirred solutions was carried out, and, consequently, the adsorption process can be used as an effective pre-concentration step. The dependence of peak current on accumulation time was studied. Using differential pulse voltammetry in the stripping step, limits of detection of 7.1 x 10^-8 and 2.2 x 10^-8 mol L-1 were obtained for thiram and disulfiram, respectively. The effect of the presence of the herbicide ziram, phenol, and Zn(II) on the oxidation signals for thiram and disulfiram was evaluated. The developed using the catalytic-adsorptive processes of the herbicides at the CoPC modified electrode was applied to the determination of thiram in samples of spiked strawberries. Finally, the capabilities of the modified electrode as an amperometric indicator electrode for flow injection analysis with pulsed amperometric detection were considered. (19 References)
Disulfiram Thiram Electrode Voltammetry Column Interferences Preconcentration