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Classification: Fruit -> pineapple -> dried

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"Determination Of Total Sulfite In Shrimp, Potatoes, Dried Pineapple, And White Wine By Flow Injection Analysis: Collaborative Study"
J. AOAC Int. 1990 Volume 73, Issue 1 Pages 35-42
Sullivan JJ, Hollingworth TA, Wekell MM, Meo VA, Saba HH, Etemad-Moghadam A, Eklund C, Phillips JG, Gump BH

Abstract: A method for the determination of total sulfite in shrimp, potatoes, dried pineapple, and white wine by flow injection analysis (FIA) was collaboratively studied by 8 laboratories. In the method, the sample solution is reacted with sodium hydroxide to liberate aldehyde-bound sulfite. The sample stream is acidified to produce SO2 gas, which diffuses across a Teflon membrane in the gas diffusion cell into a flowing stream of malachite green. The degree of discoloration of the malachite green is proportional to the amount of sulfite in the sample solution. Red wine was included in the study but interlaboratory precision for these samples was not satisfactory and correlation with Monier-Williams results was poor. The present method is not recommended for use with these samples. For shrimp, potatoes, dried pineapple, and white wine, average reproducibility (RSDR) of results was 25% for samples at 10 ppm SO2 and 10% for samples at greater than 50 ppm. Overall average reproducibility was 14%. Recoveries of sulfite added to samples averaged 80%. Comparison of FIA with the Monier-Williams method indicated comparable results by the 2 methods. The FIA method has been adopted official first action for determination of greater than or equal to 5 ppm total sulfite in shrimp, potatoes, dried pineapple, and white wine.
Sulfite Spectrophotometry Diffusion Teflon membrane Method comparison Gas diffusion