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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Fruit -> pear

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"Flow Injection Spectrofluorimetric Determination Of Ethylenethiourea"
Fresenius J. Anal. Chem. 1998 Volume 362, Issue 4 Pages 399-403
Tomás Pérez-Ruiz, Carmen Martínez-Lozano, Virginia Tomás, Antonio Sanz, Jesús Martín

Abstract: A flow injection configuration is proposed for the fluorimetric determination of ethylenethiourea. The procedure is based on the inhibitory effect of ethyl-enethiourea on the oxidation of thiamine to thiochrome by Hg(II). A linear calibration graph was obtained between 0.1-2.0 µg mL-1, with a sampling rate of 40 samples/h and a relative standard deviation of 1.11%. The usefulness of the method was tested for the determination of ethylenethiourea residues in water, milk, potatoes, pear, grape, and apple.
Ethylenethiourea Fluorescence Indirect