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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
Phone: 1-904-620-1938
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Classification: Fruit -> lemon -> juice

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"Flow Injection Analysis Of Sulfite By Gas-phase Molecular Absorption UV-VIS Spectrophotometry"
Talanta 1997 Volume 44, Issue 6 Pages 1009-1016
A. Safavi* and B. Haghighi

Abstract: Sample solution (200 µL) was injected into a carrier stream of water (1.9 ml/min) which merged with a stream (1.9 ml/min) of 1 M H2SO4 and passed through a mixing coil (50 cm x 0.5 mm i.d.). N2 (17 ml/min) was introduced into the merged stream and the evolved SO2 diffused into the N2 gas segments in a second mixing coil (30 cm). The SO2 was separated in a gas-liquid separator (diagram given) and passed to a flow cell (diagram given) where the absorbance was measured at 200 nm. The detection limit was 0.8 µg sulfite and calibration graphs were linear for up to 120, 120-240 and 240-440 µg. The RSD were 1.02% and 0.76%, respectively, for 70 and 220 µg sulfite. Sample throughput was 40/h. Little interference was observed. The method was applied to water and lemon juice. Recoveries were >=95.2%.
Sulfite Spectrophotometry Gas phase detection Gas diffusion Interferences Phase separator