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Classification: Food -> pate -> liver

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"FIA Evaluation Of Nitrite And Nitrate Contents Of Liver Pates"
Food Chem. 1998 Volume 62, Issue 3 Pages 359-362
Olívia Pinho, Isabel M. P. L. V. O. Ferreira, M. Beatriz P. P. Oliveira and Margarida A. Ferreira

Abstract: A comparative study on the nitrite and nitrate contents of 15 liver pate brands, in a total of 45 samples (three batches per brand) is presented. The study was conducted on two different kind of pates: pork liver pates and fowl liver pates. For the simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate, an automated flow injection system with spectrophotometric detection was used. The manifold was based on the splitting of the flow after injection and subsequent confluence of the flow before reaching the detector, allowing the reduction of nitrate to nitrite in part of the sample plug on an online copper cadmium reductor column. Spectrophotometric determination was made after a diazotization coupling reaction. The levels of nitrites and nitrates ranged from 1.07 mg NaNO2 kg-1 ± 0.43 to 15.9 mg NaNO2 kg-1 ± 5.2 and from 24.5 mg NaNO3 kg-1 ± 2.7 to 207 mg NaNO3 kg-1 ± 14, respectively. The levels of concentration. of these constituents were below the allowable limits. A significant dispersion in the results was observed between different brands and within some of the brands.
Nitrate Nitrite Spectrophotometry Simultaneous analysis Reduction column Sample splitting