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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Food -> natural bittern sauce

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"Study On Flow Injection Potentiometric Titration - Precipitation Titration Of Lithium With Fluoride"
Lihua Jianyan, Huaxue Fence 1998 Volume 34, Issue 2 Pages 58-61
Dan Dezhong,Wu Jinghui

Abstract: A simple and effective gradient mixing tube was designed, and a new potentiometric titration method for the determination of Li by using F- ion selective electrode was established. The EtOH-H2O (9:1) solution containing 1 x 10^-5-1 x 10^-4 M F- was used as carrier, and F- and Li+ formed LiF ppt. quant., causing the change of the content of F-. The optimum anal. conditions were decided. The linear ranges were 5 x 10^-5-1 x 10^-2 M (titrant concentration. CF: 1 x 10^-5M) and 3 x 10^-3-1 x 10^-1M. The relative standard deviation was 2.67-3.19%. The interferences of Ca2+ and Mg2+ were eliminated by adding CyDTA and Na2CO3. The method was used for the determination of Li in natural bittern with satisfactory results.
Lithium Potentiometry Electrode Titrations Precipitation Indirect Interferences Optimization