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Classification: Food -> cheese -> cheddar

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"Free Amino-acids In Cheddar Cheese: Comparison Of Quantitation Methods"
J. Food Sci. 1990 Volume 55, Issue 6 Pages 1552-1554
Lemieux, L.;Puchades, R.;Simard, R.E.

Abstract: Methods for the determination of free amino-acids in cheddar were compared, viz., (i) a flow injection technique (Puchades et al., J. Food Sci., 1989, 54, 885); (ii) a trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid method (Alder-Nissen, J. Agric. Fd. Chem., 1979, 27, 1256) with a new extraction technique and (iii) a modified version of a o-phthaldialdehyde method (Church et al., J. Dairy Sci., 1983, 66, 1219). The flow injection analysis was the simpler and more accurate method.
Amino acids, free Spectrophotometry Method comparison