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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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"Chemiluminescence Flow Injection Analysis Determination Of Sucrose Using Enzymatic Conversion And A Microporous Membrane Flow Cell"
Anal. Chem. 1986 Volume 58, Issue 1 Pages 116-119
Cathy A. Koerner and Timothy A. Nieman

Abstract: Sucrose is initially converted into glucose by β-fructofuranosidase and aldose-1-epimerase (immobilized on controlled-porosity glass) in 0.1 M phthalate buffer (pH 5.65). The solution is then mixed with a stream containing luminol, haemin and horse-radish peroxidase in 0.1 M Tris (pH 10.5) and passes finally into a flow cell where it mixes with glucose oxidase in 0.1 M acetate buffer (pH 5). The H2O2 formed reacts with the luminol to produce chemiluminescence. The working range is 5 µM to 1 mM and analysis time is 2 min. For detection of sucrose in food products, a separate determination of glucose or a catalytic destruction of glucose in the sample is necessary to distinguish glucose originally present from that formed from sucrose.
Sucrose Glucose Chemiluminescence Immobilized enzyme Microporous membrane Flowcell