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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
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Classification: Food -> cabbage -> pickled

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"Online Determination Of Trace Lead In High-salt Food By Flow Injection Hydride-generation Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic-emission Spectrometry"
Fenxi Kexue Xuebao 1997 Volume 13, Issue 2 Pages 26-29
Yu Xin, Chen Jianguo, Wang Songqing, Liao Zhenhuan, Jiang Zucheng

Abstract: Salted vegetable (10 g) was homogenized then digested with 8 mL HNO3/HClO4 and evaporated to dryness. The residue was dissolved in 7.5 mL 0.5 M HCl and diluted with water to 25 mL. A 300 µL portion of the solution was injected into the required setup (diagram illustrated) and flowed with a carrier stream of water at 3 ml/min to react with 15% H2O2 to oxidise lower valent Pb to high valent Pb before reaction with a stream of 4% NaBH4 in 0.8% NaOH at 1.5 ml/min, transferring to the gas-liquid separator, and detection of Pb in the Ar flow by ICP-AES with measurement at 220.35 nm. The calibration graph was linear from 0.005-1 µg/ml Pb, with a detection limit of 1.6 ng/ml. When determining 50 ng/ml Pb, the RSD (n = 7) was 1.2%. By the standard-additions method, recoveries were 96.3-101.4%. The method was used in the analysis of e.g. pickled cabbage.
Lead Spectrophotometry Phase separator Standard additions calibration