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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Environmental -> sediment -> beach

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"Non-aqueous Enzymic Flow Injection Determination Of Cholestanol In Sediments"
Analyst 1998 Volume 123, Issue 11 Pages 2291-2295
Gerardo Piñeiro-Avila, Amparo Salvador and Miguel de la Guardia

Abstract: A procedure was developed for the spectrophotometric determination of cholestanol in sediments based on its extraction with chloroform-methanol (2+1 v/v), dissolution of the extracts, after pre-concentration, in pH 7.0 buffer-saturated toluene containing 10^-3 M p-anisidine and enzymatic determination in non-aqueous media using a bienzymatic reactor consisting of 1 mg of cholesterol oxidase and 1 mg of horseradish peroxidase non-covalently co-immobilized on controlled pore glass beads. A limit of detection of 2.0 x 10^-6 M was obtained under the optimum experimental conditions and recoveries of 95-118% were obtained in the anal. of water and beach sediment samples spiked with cholestanol at concentrations 0.4-1.0 mg/g. This method can also be used for the determination of cholesterol in sediment extracts, the analytical sensitivity for cholestanol being half that for cholesterol, studies were carried out in order to determine accurately both compounds in the same sample.
Cholestanol Cholesterol Spectrophotometry Immobilized enzyme Controlled pore glass Optimization