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"Ionometric Determination Of Zinc In Alloys"
Zavod. Lab. 1996 Volume 62, Issue 8 Pages 16-17
Gur'ev, I.A.;Zyuzina, L.F.;Rusyaeva, Y.I.

Abstract: Alloy (3 g) was dissolved in 1:1 HNO3 and made up to 50 mL with water. A 1 mL portion of the solution was diluted with water to 100 mL. Then 10 mL of this solution was passed through a sorption column at 9 ml/min. The sorbed Zn was eluted with 5 mL 1 M KCl at 2 ml/min. A standard solution of zinc salt with a concentration of 6.6 mM, the eluate and a standard solution with a concentration of 6.6 mM were introduced consecutively into a FIA system with a chloride ISE based on tetradecylammonium chloride as indicator electrode for the ionometric determination of Zn. To analyze Ag solder, 1 g alloy was dissolved in 1:1 HNO3 and made up to 25 mL with water. A 3 mL portion of the solution was mixed with 1 mL 1 mM KCl. The sediment was filtered out and the filtrate and washing water were mixed with 30 mL 1 M KCl and made up to 100 mL with water. Of this 20 mL was passed through an ion-exchange column. The sorbed Zn ions were eluted with 5 mL 1 M KCl. Flow injection determination of Zn was carried out as above. The method was used to determine Zn in brasses and Ag solders. RSD did not exceed 6%. The detection limit was 2.2 mM Zn ions.
Zinc Ion exchange Electrode Indirect Column