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"Determination Of Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium And Neodymium In Cerium Dioxide-based Polishing Powders By Ion-interaction Reversed-phase Chromatography"
Chem. Listy 1992 Volume 86, Issue 2 Pages 139-142
Janos, P.;Broul, M.

Abstract: Samples were decomposed by boiling with 45% HBr and the resulting mixture was heated with HNO3 - H2O2 to remove Br before La, Ce, Pr and Nd were separated as anionic oxalato complexes by HPLC on a glass column (15 cm x 3 mm) packed with Separon SGX RPS (5 µm) with a mobile phase (0.3 mL min-1) of 2 mM tetrabutylammonium hydroxide - 2 mM oxalic acid - 2 mM NaClO4. The separated analytes were detected at 658 nm after post-column derivatization with a stream (0.5 mL min-1) of 0.15 mM Arsenazo III - 0.5 M acetic acid. The limits of detection range between ~1 ng (for La) and 1.3 ng (for Pr) for 20 µL sample injections. The separation took ~20 min. The method was used to determine 4.2 to 29.3% of La2O3, 47 to 96% of CeO2, ~0.3 to 2.7% of Pr6O11 and ~0.9 to 14.6% of Nd2O3 in polishing powders. The coefficient of variation range between 1% and 12% (n = 5). The results agree with those obtained by XRF analysis.
Lanthanum Cerium Praseodymium Neodymium LC Spectrophotometry Method comparison Post-column derivatization